Community Events

Spring – Cathays Fair
Summer – Cathays summer event
Autumn – Cathays Autumn event
Winter – Cathays Christmas event

The four main events that Cathays Compass put on every year are designed to coincide with the four seasons;

Spring event: Cathays Fair

The Cathays Fair 2017 was cited by many as a ‘positive psychological turning point’ within the Cathays community with hundreds of our families who attended to realise just how many amazing neighbours live around them. By popular demand the Cathays Fair has become a regular yearly event to kick off the spring and bring our friends, families, faith groups and  together.

Cathays Fair 2018 followed the previous years success with 40% more space as both playgrounds and pedestrianised area of Pentyrch Street were utilised.

Summer event: Cathays Picnic

With a philosophy to encourage the community to use our many amazing spaces for the first year’s events (2017) Cathays Compass volunteers brought the community picnic to Maindy Leisure Stadium.

The days arrangements were for our local bands to come and play for the families of Cathays; with musicians ranging from teenagers through to veteran bands for everyone to enjoy!

Of the community 150 of our families attended with children taking full advantage of the Facepainting, Reading tent, jumping in the Police car or the Fire engine that rocked up !!

A great deal of discussions followed up from this. One of the main issues was the amount of amazing green space we have in Cathays and how to ensure it is better utilised – yet can the community partake in part of this citizenship responsibility.

One ongoing discussion was that a ‘Cathays Community Garden’ may be one option to bring the families together to share in the experience of planting/sowing fruits, vegetables and important indigenous wildflowers for the locale. Perhaps the 3 primary schools and local high school can also partake in the upkeep of the Cathays Community Garden.


Autumn event:

The autumn event for Cathays is

Autumn 2017:

The volunteers are sensitive that we have many isolated vulnerable elders and disabled people in Cathays.

Ironically the targeted demographic is the ones who are mostly isolated in their homes, yet the Cathays Compass and it’s many ties to the community will work hard to ensure information of:

  • Meal on Wheels
  • Telecare
  • Independent Living Services
  • and other community support services

Is distributed to the locale to ensure our more vulnerable neighbours are supported.

Autumn 2018:

For 2018 the Cathays community decided upon a Cathays Photography Competition to catch the various perceptions and interpretations of Cathays history and culture.

With judges to choose the best three pictures, the community went one better to choose the dozen best images to be used for the next years calendar.

Such involvement and empowerment has shown us all frequently what our neighbourhoods are capable of and what they do to make your community be stronger, socially safer and better connected.


Winter event: Cathays Christmas Carols

The Cathays Christmas Carols was very welcomed by all age ranges with children from all three Primary Schools and everyone else from the community joined in with the Christmas Carols.

The feedback from this event the next month the community chose to run several events throughout the month of December around the Xmas Tree & lights.


This is interspersed with multiple other events throughout the year:

  • Community quiz
  • Fund raisers