Cathays Compass philosophy
Map of Cathays
Constitutions, Policies and Additional info

Our philosophy at Cathays Compass:

The first elected Chair of Cathays Compass stated: “Cathays – together as a community!” which pretty much says it all!

Please consider following us on Facebook and Twitter – we actively encourage you all to use the Facebook page as a community noticeboard to help get all the amazing news/events/notices out to your neighbours.


Cathays has an increasing demographic with more young professional couples/families now moving into Cathays in the 2010’s and 2020’s the district has become very socially mobile.

·      Chair: Anne Smith

·      Treasurer: Malcolm James

Five sub groups of Cathays Compass are being developed (in no order of priority):

The main Cathays Compass Committee have spun out five sub-groups to focus upon the issues that will help support better cohesion and social links amongst Cathays.

Family: What can we all do to help the families/residents/young professionals living in Cathays feel like part of the community?

Community: What clubs, or groups do people wish to partake in? How do we support outreach of information to everyone – particularly the infirm?

Faith: Our Christian, Muslim and other faith groups wish to collaborate together on various projects – what can we do together? One idea was clean up effort together – such as Lowther Road area?

Business: The possibility of a Cathays Loyalty Card? Some businesses have considered giving 5% off to other businesses in the area etc. What would make for a more resilient Cathays economy?

Funding: Regrettably we still need money to undertake a lot of community tasks, are you an aficionado on funding applications/sourcing?

Map of Cathays:

A map is slowly being developed to support our community outreach efforts; highlighting the district boundary and hopefully every local group involved in being part of Cathays!

This will take time yet Cathays Compass hope to create a comprehensive map of all the positive representations across Cathays in the coming years.

Constitutions, Policies and additional info:

Cathays Compass is producing its policies to ensure we meet necessary criteria/policies of being a community entity. We will publicise information about our meetings, goals, community events and other updates.

These will be added in due course.