November & December 2019 in Cathays

Cathays Xmas Quiz 2019 7:00pm, Friday, 15th November @ Crwys Pub https://www.facebook.com/events/893730494336359/

Cathays Children’s Carols 2019 From 2:30pm Thursday, 5th December @ Pentyrch Street https://www.facebook.com/events/410508023001835/

Cathays Community Christmas Carols 2019 6:00pm Saturday, 7th December @ Cathays Library/Pentyrch Street https://www.facebook.com/events/2478072509137308/

Cathays Compass

Cathays Compass was formally created in the late summer of 2016 by a combination of local families, local businesses and local faith groups. Our aim is to put on community events to bring us all together – with a focus to develop projects for:

  • Family & friends
  • Faith & collaboration
  • Community & inclusion
  • Business & local economy

The main ethos is to ensure that Cathays will be ‘together as a community’

The creation of the Cathays Compass based on multiple discussions of the last decade between many neighbours (and multiple local businesses/faith groups/volunteers who have tried to initiate a community venture in the early 21st century) that Cathays hasn’t yet reached its potential and is misrepresented as a student ghetto when it is in fact a very socially diverse and enriched demographic  with an increasing skilled population of 1,250 families in the Cathays district.

A great deals has been undertaken in Cathays Compass first 12-18 months with many seasonal events (particularly the Cathays Fair and the Cathays Christmas Carols). This is the basic staple supplemented by regular monthly meetings to encourage multiple positive projects across your fair district.

Links between many local businesses, the Co-Op, various faith groups, local businesses, voluntary bodies and local charities has vastly increased with regular contributions of ideas via the email network as well as monthly face-to-face meetings. This is for everyone to partake in. You may be surprised at the many amazing local groups and ventures that are occurring in Cathays.

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